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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Stockholm

Explore the award-winning agencies in Stockholm, specialising in UX design, branding, web design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing and mobile app development services.

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  • 61 Degrees North

    61 Degrees North is an independent Digital Agency with headquarters in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. They are passionate about everything that is digital.

  • Adore You

    Adore You is a digital agency that breathes innovation. They do award winning work crafted with passion for smart technology, great design and humanized content.

  • antrop-design-agency-stockholm

    Antrop is a research and design agency. They craft outstanding digital user experiences that make the clients and their customers happy.

  • bold-strategic-multi-disciplinary-design-agency-oslo-norway

    Bold is a strategic and multidisciplinary design agency. They have an interdisciplinary approach, which allows them to work closely together with their clients.

  • champs-chimps-digital-agency-stockholm-sweden
    Champs & Chimps

    Champs & Chimps is a full service digital agency dedicated to creating the most remarkable products based on our clients’ needs.

  • Doberman

    Doberman is an experience design firm. They help organizations innovate products and services that people love, desire and depend on.

  • Frost

    Frost is a digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. They build mobile apps and web solutions with focus on user experience and technical craftsmanship.

  • growth_hackers_digital_agency
    Growth Hackers

    We help you unlock accelerated and sustainable growth by focusing on the entire funnel and streamlining the user journey. We do Acquisition, CRO and run Growth teams.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is a Stockholm-based full service communications agency with roots in social media consultation.

  • Making Waves

    Making Waves is a consultancy with 300 skilled and enthusiastic strategy, design, technology and communications professionals.

  • netsius-digital-agency

    Netsius is a digital agency that is there for your brand. They do brand optimization. All from Website, Logos to social media content creation.

  • north-kingdom-ux-design-agency-stockholm
    North Kingdom

    North Kingdom is an experience design company from Sweden. North Kingdom operates independently on a global level.

  • Opacity

    Opacity is a creative digital agency and a film production company. They create and execute communication that will drive your brand forward to success in a digital world.

  • Phosworks

    Phosworks is a digital production agency for web and film. With offices in Los Angeles and Stockholm, they create award-winning TV programs and global web campaigns.

  • Precis

    Precis Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2012 by three ex-Googlers. They combine a data driven approach with intelligent solutions.

  • spoon-content-marketing-agency-stockholm

    Spoon is a content marketing agency. They give a voice to your brand, and help you tell engaging stories in whatever media platforms your audience prefers.

  • strat-lab-digital-agency
    Strat Lab

    We help companies understand and maximize their joint marketing and sales efforts through data analysis. We assure our clients only spend resources on ROI+ activities.

  • Yours

    Yours is an independent digital innovation studio from Stockholm. They have an infectious enthusiasm for making things, solving problems and building brands.